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ReplayPC is A simple text mode utility for extracting mpg files from ReplayTV Personal Video Recorders via TCP/IP. The ReplayPC utility is Win32 native, but is being developed with an eye for easy porting to *nix operating systems.

If you would like to contribute to the ReplayPC project, contact We will get you setup with a SourceForge account, and Project ReplayPC membership.

Project News:

The latest release of ReplayPC:
Version 0.4.0, released 19 June 2002: for Windows, Linux/x86, Mac OS X, or source zip or tar.gz.

The version of the ReplayPC executable in this version will not work with ReplayTV software version 4.1; if you have a 4000 unit that hasn't yet been upgraded, either continue to use ReplayPC 0.3 or try the new 'httpfs' and 'rtvguide' executables in this release.

Previous release:
V0.3 for Windows, Released on Jan 11 2002.
V0.3 for Linux, Released on Jan 11 2002.
V0.3 for Mac OS-X, Released on Jan 13 2002.

[mlinehan Jan 13, 2002]
The Mac OS-X .sit archive was updated by Randy Saunders. The archive now contains a readme file with basic compiling and installation directions. Thanks Randy!

[mlinehan Jan 11, 2002]
The .sit Mac OS-X archive with a prebuilt OS-X binary should appear within the hour.

[mlinehan Jan 11, 2002]
ReplayPC V0.3 has been released. Windows zip and Linux gziped tar files should appear within the hour. The Linux version does sucesfully compile under OS-X if you "make CXX=c++" V0.3 fixes the dreaded guide file bug, and adds a new option to pipe fetched files to stdout. The mpg fixup code has been removed, it turns out that 4K mpg files don't need fixed, and this removes the need for the -er extract raw option.

[mlinehan Jan 9, 2002]
ReplayPC V0.3 is nearing release with planned support for Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS-X, all from the same source! A new -o option allows fetching files from the ReplayTV, and piping them into other applications in real time. One of our crack ninja programmers (the one who developed the -o option) has all ready used this new feature to "stream" mpeg data directly from a ReplayTV to a mpeg viewer application on his Redhat Linux box. V0.3 is being tested now, and if all goes well, this should be a good weekend indeed!

[mlinehan Jan 7, 2002]
Project ReplayPC wants you, our users, to tell us what you want from ReplayPC. Take our small survey and help us to better server the ReplayPC community. Please excuse the survey formatting, I'm still learning how to use the SourceForge tools.

[mlinehan Jan 5 2002]
It took me all day, but I've got our SourceForge presence setup! I therefore thow open the gates to any and all who would join us in the wonderous adventure that is sure to come, and may God have mercy on our Souls! One Project to rule them all, One Project to find them, One Project to bring them all and in the darkness bind them... Oh... I though you had gone... I sometimes mutter to myself a bit... Let it bother you not.

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This Message from the AVS Forum just warms my heart! mlinehan

this stuff is getting really cool...
Well, yesterday I found out just how cool my Replay4K is. I've been watching this thread closely and was really impressed by the progress. Until yesterday I never had a reason to give any of these tools a try. Here's whatI did:

1. Downloaded latest version of ReplayPC and GuideParser.
2. Copied a bunch of episodes of "Enterprise" to my PC.
3. Compressed them to MPEG1 with TMPGenc.
4. Performed "manual commercial advance" with Womble.
5. Burned them to VCDs.
6. Gave the discs to my dad so he could catch up on the series before new episodes started. He just popped them in his DVD player and they worked!

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